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Why your website isn’t helping and how to fix it

Written by Fitzpatrick Group • Bookkeeping Manager
Published on 10 Jan 2017

You’ve just finished building your website for your business, you’ve paid top dollar to a web designer to have it made just how you envisioned, and it’s looking sharp. How could anyone NOT want to work with you or buy your products?

Well, let’s say a month from now you find yourself getting absolutely no clients from your website. It has great deals and packages on every page, it encourages the visitor to contact you for a free consultation, and you’ve even got the best picture you’ve ever taken of yourself on the about us page. Even still, your website isn’t helping your business. What is wrong?


Issue 1 – Exposure

It’s quite possible your website is a silent-era actor in a sea of social media celebrities. In the modern world, if you aren’t keeping your audience engaged on social media, and letting them know about your website, products, and/or services, it will basically only be known to you, your friends, and family.

Spend time cultivating an audience of potential clients. Think about what may interest them. Do you have any interesting or unique processes in your business that you could film and post? Is your business involved in any special events or are you doing something a little out of the ordinary? Post it! Offering a discount on your services or products? Post it!

Keep your audience engaged, make sure they know you are around.

“But hang on, I don’t have an audience yet!”

Share your account! Let your friends know that you’ve started up a Facebook Business Page and get them to like it. You can also advertise your page through paid promotions to get more information about your business out there! Try something quirky and unique, or jump on the train of a current viral trend. This will help generate brand awareness, build your audience, and grow your potential client base.


Issue 2 – Dishonest Information

Just hang on a second! I am not taking a shot at your business practices, I am sure you are very honest. I am speaking more towards the tone of your business and how you project yourself on the website. I see it happen so often, big businesses trying to look smaller than they are to seem more genuine and small businesses trying to look bigger than they are to appear more professional.

If you continually say “we” on your website, but then everything on your site points to your business being operated by just you, it will create a feeling of dishonesty.

The best thing to do is to provide a genuine reflection of your business. Working by yourself? Own it, let everyone know that you alone put the hard yards in to tend to their products or provide them with your services. Own a big business with lots of employees? Talk about your company history and tell people about your work culture.

Keeping your business genuine has never been more important.


Issue 3 – Poor Targeting


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

-Leonardo Da Vinci

This quote applies to just about everything. When building your website, it all comes down to what exactly you are looking to achieve. Keep your message clear and simple.

If you want to:

  • Target a specific type of client – You should be making sure your content is addressing that type of client specifically.
  • Bring more clients into your business – You will need to focus on effective content marketing strategy.
  • Maintain activity on your website – You might need to look into blogging, contact forms, and consistent social media presence.

The simplest approach is more often than not the easiest and best. See Occam’s Razor. It’s a great line of reasoning that will help you cut out the fat from your website, and cut through to what you need your website to be.


Issue 4 – Badly Organised Content

This could have easily been placed under Issue 3 but I feel it needs its own section. If your products or services are poorly organised and hard to follow, you can be certain no one is spending more than 5 seconds on your website (and if you’ve linked Google Analytics to your website, you’ll know).

Think about it like this. You just bought a self-help book, and you’ve decided to give it a read. You open to the contents page and look up the page number for “Meditation and Focus”. Flicking the pages over to your destination you think to yourself “the cover of the book is great, no doubt the content is going to be fantastic!”. You land on the page and start reading.

Not only does the page deviate entirely from the subject, but it also starts explaining – in-depth – content from a subject three chapters over. When someone is learning, they need to have the information presented to them with consistency and order for them to digest it more easily. Jumping from subject to subject is jarring for the visitor’s experience and will help ensure they leave your website quite promptly.

There is nothing wrong with giving your visitors a taste of what’s to come, or even a small explanation about something they may need to know later. But if you stray from the subject you have shown them, you can’t expect them to spend time looking for it.


Issue 5 – Not Mobile Friendly

This is starting to disappear more and more, but if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you can bet diamonds to dirt that no one will be coming to you for business.

If your website is opening up with tiny font size and full desktop website display on anything but a desktop you have a problem. Our attention is constantly being driven all over the internet, so naturally, our attention span is much lower. People aren’t going to bother with a website if it doesn’t scale down to their phones display size. There is nothing worse for a visitor than trying to click a search bar half the size of their pinky fingernail.

At Fitzpatrick Group, we use WordPress powered by Divi to create beautifully responsive websites for our clients. You may even be reading this blog from your mobile phone right now! If you are looking for a website, and are serious about your business’s online presence, your focus will be on ensuring a seamless experience for your clients online.

If you are looking to start the new year with a fresh, responsive website for your business; call Fitzpatrick Group and ask to speak with Shaun.

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