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Top 5 Logbook Apps for Claiming Car Expenses in 2019

Written by Fitzpatrick Group • Marketing Officer
Published on 21 May 2018

2019 Update: This blog has been reviewed and updated for 2019.

For information on claiming car expenses on tax, see our blog: Claiming car expenses in 2019


Our Top 5 logbook apps for claiming car expenses

We are living in the digital age, where tedious tasks such as writing down your mileage can now be automated for your ease and convenience. The apps available to us these days don’t just allow for GPS tracking and reporting mileage but they can also capture expenses, provide reimbursement information, and locate the nearest fuel pump. Make it easier on yourself, have a read of some of the best logbook apps for claiming car expenses to help you claim the most out of your mileage.


TripLog – Auto Mileage

TripLog App logo

Average Rating: 5/5

Cost: Free for Lite Version, or paid for Basic, Professional and Enterprise Versions
Download from: iTunes Store, Google Play (iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android friendly)

Claiming to be “#1 mileage tracker for individuals and enterprises’’ the app is fitted with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a logbook app. It is ideal for small businesses, enterprises, Uber/Lyft rider share drivers, realtors, truckers, contractors or self-employed businesses.

Key Features:

  • 6 Different mileage tracking options – MagicTrip-automatic smart tracking, connect to Bluetooth, Plug-N-Go, iBeacon, Odometer scanner, Manual GPS tracking
  • Daily trip view & map view- gives you an overview of your trips from the entire day and all on one map
  • Snap receipts & record expenses- TripLog allows you to track business income and expenses with the option to integrate with Quickbooks and Concur
  • Auto Start & Stop- when plugged into a power source, or connected to a Bluetooth device and driving more than 5 mph, or set time frame. Stops as you as you disconnect
  • Calculates for businesses- mileage reimbursements, estimated reimbursement savings, manual entry hours and estimated labour savings.



This app is a 5/5 when you pay for all its features. If you are expecting an app that’s free or cheaper than this, you may find the details below reason enough to not use this app.

  • Auto-tracking is only available for paid subscriptions but can be as cheap as $2/ per month
  • Must make in-app purchases for extra products (cloud storage and packages).


Google Play App Link

Apple App Link




Driversnote App Logo

Average Rating: 4

Cost: Free for Lite Version, or paid for Basic and Enterprise Versions.
Download from: iTunes Store, Google Play (iPhone and Android friendly)

An intelligent trip log that automatically tracks your trips and accurately documents your mileage claim. The app is ideal for employees, employers and self-employed individuals looking to document personal and business trips effectively as per ATO requirements.

Key Features:

  • Calculates automatically- Reimbursement, distances and odometer readings are automatically calculated
  • Auto start & stop option- Push start and stop and Driversnote registers the trip automatically by GPS, instantly showing the reimbursement amount allowed
  • Automatic backup- No need to worry about losing your trips if you lose your phone. Driversnote saves all your trips on their server automatically
  • Reporting- Your mileage report is ready to print or download as a PDF whenever you need it. Driversnote also updates the tax rates every year so you never have to think about it.



  • Only allows 20 trips per month on the Lite Version
    • The app can significantly decrease your battery life if the app is left on
    • Does not include tolls in your trip.


Google Play App Link

Apple App Link




DriverDirect App Logo

Average Rating: 4

Cost: Free
Download from: iTunes Store, Google Play (iPhone and Android friendly)

Although developed by Toyota Fleet Management, you don’t have to be with Toyota to download and use this invaluable tool. The app is designed to: log your trips; locate the nearest fuel station; record your car stations and locate Toyota dealers near you (helpful feature if you are with Toyota). It is a fantastic, free app for customers and drivers.

Key Features:

  • Log trips by GPS tracking or manual entry for multiple vehicles
  • Ability to filter reports by business and/ or private use
  • Fuel locator- enter suburb or postcode, filter results for a brand (useful for loyalty card members)
  • Record and edit your trip history, produce a logbook and determine your business use for FBT purposes
  • Capture expenses and generate reports
  • Email logbook as a PDF or CSV file
  • Toyota dealer locator.


  • The DriverDirect app may use GPS tracking which can consume phone battery life.


Google Play App Link

Apple App Link



Vehicle Logger

Vehicle Logger App Logo

Average Rating: 4

Cost: Free to download (In-app purchases $0.99- $6.99)
Download from: Google Play (Android friendly)

Vehicle Logger is an easy way to create, share and report vehicle log books for mileage, fuel, expenses and claiming tax deductions for multiple vehicles. Aimed at individuals, contract workers, self-employed individuals and small businesses.

Key Features:

  • GPS tracking or manual entry for mileage
  • Calendar integration, support for multiple vehicles, and quick trip description selection
  • Receipt capture, storage and reporting
  • Expense logging- Fuel, tolls, parking, maintenance, registration, etc
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Reporting- Upload directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and more. Generate PDF compliant reports, or CSV data extracts. Reports can be sent directly to your work, tax accountant or financial specialist
  • ATO compliant.



  • Does not work whilst running another GPS app
  • Not suitable for iOS users.


Google Play App Link




Travel Logs – Vehicle Logbook

Travel Logs- Vehicle Logbook App Logo

Average Rating: 3.7

Cost: Free to download (In-app purchases $0.99-$11.49)
Download from: iTunes Store, Google Play (iPhone, Apple Watch and Android friendly)

Next generation digital vehicle logbook, designed to track your trips for multiple vehicles with automated features and real-time GPS tracking and recording. Ideal for those who operate multiple vehicles and wish to track everything, including expenses and credits and maintenance scheduling for each vehicle all in one place.

Key Features:

  • ATO compliant
  • Cloud Sync available (iCloud, Dropbox)
  • Ability to track and document multiple vehicles
  • Bluetooth support- Automatically start and stop trips when connected to your vehicle’s Bluetooth.
  • Log trip details- (odometer, date, purpose, type, location, vehicle)
  • GPS tracking- auto-fill in location information and calculate distance traveled for each trip
  • Vehicle expense tracking
  • Import calendar entries to use as trip purpose
  • Vehicle maintenance and service record logging
  • Log recording- log reports are in CSV format, so you can import and open in any of your spreadsheet applications.



  • To be able to operate the app you need to make in-app purchases- minimum $0.99 subscription
  • The app may use your location, draining your battery life even if the app isn’t open.


Google Play App Link

Apple App Link



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  1. Andrew Davis

    Logbook apps are great way to track your car expenses and claim them on your tax return. That’s why the it is becoming the most important and popular way to measure and claim your car usage, and it’s pretty easy to use. By using a logbook app, it becomes easy to calculate your business use percentage and it also becomes easy to provide evidence required by the ATO.

    • Shaun Da Silva

      Exactly. Using an app makes it a breeze to keep track of your car usage.

      Thanks for your input Andrew!


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