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Thinking about hiring an apprentice or trainee

Written by Pauline Campbell • Senior Accountant
Published on 21 Mar 2019

Hiring an apprentice or trainee can be beneficial for any business. Not only are they good for your bottom line but you also get to train them in a way that suits how you operate your business.


Difference between Apprentice and Trainee

An apprentice is trained in a skilled job such as plumbing, electrician etc. A trainee is trained in a vocation such as administration, hospitality etc.


What are the advantages of hiring apprentices and trainees

Usually apprentices and trainees are

  1. Keen to learn and enthusiastic
  2. Trained in your specific needs
  3. Finish with a recognised qualification


Steps in employing an Apprentice or Trainee

1. Decide what you need

One of the easier tasks to perform involves deciding what you need for your business. Some examples include:

  • Full time/ part time
  • What the job involves
  • Field of training


2. Find the right person

Admittedly, this is far easier said than done. This can be done using the following methods:

  • Word of mouth – Advice on a potential candidate from friends, family or other referrals.
  • Advertisement – This can be done through a private agency or an online job search platform.
  • Local employment agencies
  • Group training providers


3. Register the apprentice/trainee.

Once they are registered with the relevant body, the trainee will receive a confirmation letter from the person who will be overseeing their training. There is normally a probation period of 90 days which lets you decide if the person is the right fit for your organisation.


More Information

You can access information regarding the hiring of apprentices or trainees at:

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A valued member of Fitzpatrick Group since 2000, Pauline has a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting. Pauline specialises in business and company tax returns.
Author • Pauline Campbell

Senior Accountant, Fitzpatrick Group

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