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Are you too busy running your Business to Promote it?

Fitzpatrick Group can help with easy Marketing Solutions.


Small business owners can be so busy running their business, they don’t have time to think about marketing. Most business owners know that if they don’t promote their business it can limit sales and stagnate growth.  If there is no budget to outsource to a big agency, marketing remains a daunting task that no one knows how or where to start.

Fitzpatrick group can help increase your sales with some marketing and business goals. To help you achieve your goals, our Business coach can work with you to decide on what you need and provide some easy affordable marketing solutions. The guidance and strategy planning will give your business direction and take the “daunting” feeling away from your marketing. To get you started we provide;


  • An analysis of your business and what you need to be doing to start marketing
  • Recommending Strategies within your budget
  • Affordable simple tools to help simplify marketing tasks
  • A calendar to keep you on track with your marketing

Your Fitzpatrick Group coach can provide the Marketing Solutions you need.

Our marketing team work with your business coach to drive you toward achieving your business goals with the essential tools you need to promote your business. We can provide in house solutions for;

Affordable Responsive Websites

Statistics show that potential clients or shoppers award more credibility to businesses that have their own website, furthermore they trust the business more when they have viewed their website. Get your business on the web or update your website with a Fitzpatrick Group website. Our websites are;

  • Responsive (which means they adjust to suit the device they are being displayed on),
  • Clean and visually appealing
  • Customized to suit any type of business, from professional services to restaurants and trades.
  • Choose from a Small Business 7 page site or upgrade to a premium site


Branding Packages

What is a branding package? A branding package is a document that contains;

  • your logo in all its versions,
  • the types of text you use,
  • your specific company colours
  • and explains the image you want to portray.

Why do I need a branding package? It is proven that businesses that consistently use the same colours, fonts and designs in all communication build a strong identity for their business, this is called a Brand. A strong brand helps people quickly recognise your business and provides a subconscious association to products and services you provide. A branding package clearly communicates the elements of your brand to others, for easy replication of your brand. Replication of your brand is useful for;

  • Providing the consistency needed for a strong brand
  • Creating Advertising material consistent with your brand
  • Sharing with employees to strengthen your brand identity internally.

A branding package is a useful asset to have as part of a marketing solution for your business.


Coaching on the best tools to automate your tasks


In the world of digital marketing there is always so much to do! As much as having someone externally marketing your business might be the easiest way, it is also the most costly way. Automating tasks you can do yourself will save you the cost of outsourcing and reduce the effort and time you need to commit. An automated social media strategy will allow you to;

  • Post photos to all of your social media channels with one click
  • schedule posts to go out automatically
  • Combine real time posts with material you have scheduled for more content
  • Keep you active on social media, even when you are not posting anything in real time

Our team of experienced marketers can coach you on the tools that you can use to streamline your social media marketing, saving you time and money whilst giving you the exposure you need on social media.

A custom designed Social Media Pack

We can help set you up on social media, and our Graphic Designers will create customised graphics to impressively represent your business on social media with;

  • Facebook Covers
  • Google Plus Covers
  • Twitter Covers
  • LinkedIn pages.
Marketing Strategy

Our business coach will work with you to create goals for your business, once these goals are decided you will work with your business coach and the Fitzpatrick Group Marketing team to;

  • Customize your own strategy
  • Create the strategy that suits your budget
  • Decide how much time you have to commit to your strategy
  • Hand over some of the work for us to do for you.

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