At Fitzpatrick Group, we deal with a wide range of individuals, each with their own unique set of needs to tend to. We pride ourselves on our ability to help each client achieve the best possible result they could hope for with our services. This means that we spend time getting to know each client. We talked briefly with some of our staff members to learn some of the more eye rolling experiences they’ve had with a client. Here are their client stories.


Senior Accountant

Pauline Campbell’s Client Stories

That time when:

A client came in and asked me to apply to Centrelink for his aged pension.

That time when:

A client asked me to rollover her super funds into her main super fund.

That time when:

A client was waiting for her appointment with me, and the next client – her ex-husband – walked in early.

Senior Accountant

Peter Carter’s Client Stories

It isn’t very often that I have a conversation with a client that leaves me shaking my head. The conversation below is definitely an exception, however.

Conversation 1

Client “I sold an investment property but I don’t have to pay capital gain on it because I moved into it for 12 months.”

Me “Actually, you’re still up for the capital gains tax. Just because you moved into it before you sold doesn’t make it exempt.”

Client “But that’s what my mate down the pub did.”

Me *Shaking my head.*



Danielle Lynch’s Client Stories

This is probably one of the more interesting moments I’ve ever had taking a call from a client.

Me “Where are you calling from?”

Client “My house”

Me “Sorry, where are you calling from”

Client “On my mobile”


Business Manager

Chantelle Warner’s Client Stories

Client “Can you deduct your fee from my return?”

Me “But you are payable so you won’t receive a refund”

Client “Yeah, so?”


Client Services Manager

Frankie Buller’s Client Stories

I frequently have people who are surprised they need to actually pay their tax liabilities to the ATO.

I also had someone who said they would only pay their invoice if I agreed to marry him. Needless to say, that invoice is still outstanding

Also, there was that one time when I picked up the phone to hear a client say this:

Me “Hello Frankie speaking”
Client “Oh, you’re not a man…”



Bryn Robinson’s Client Stories

More often than you would think, people call up asking to speak with someone who doesn’t work here. An individual named Bryan, Bryan Robinson.

Obviously, you mean Bryn right?


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