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How to manage an apprentice within your business

Written by Pauline Campbell • Senior Accountant
Published on 13 Mar 2020

Apprentices are normally very young and most likely this would be their first full-time job and as an employer, you need to keep this in mind when dealing with them on a daily basis.

The following things will help maximise the effectiveness of hiring an apprentice.

1. Induction

This is very important, especially when the apprentices are very young as they would have had no experience in a work environment and the induction will give them an understanding of how a workplace operates and how they fit into it. It will also cover some housekeeping items such as work hours, breaks, uniform and pays.


2. Clear Expectations

You need to give them a clear understanding of what tasks they are expected to undertake and what standard of work is expected from them and also how to deal with any problems that may arise.


3. Review

You must review their progress on a regular basis to make sure they are moving forward at a reasonable pace and make sure they are receiving the proper training.


4. Feedback

This can be reassurance from other staff members that they are doing things correctly or can be regular informal meetings to discuss their progress. Complementing the apprentice when they have done a good job will enhance their confidence.


5. Freedom

Although you may think they need plenty of supervision, give them some freedom to make their own decisions which will, in turn, give them a sense of ownership.


6. Support

Having patience with them, providing a good support system and an understanding of their youth will help them feel supported, looked after and making a good contribution to the business.


7. Mentor/ Buddy

Consider giving the apprentice a buddy who can provide them with additional guidance and support and will allow them to build trust with this person which in turn will make them feel more comfortable asking questions.

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A valued member of Fitzpatrick Group since 2000, Pauline has a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting. Pauline specialises in business and company tax returns.
Authour • Pauline Campbell

Senior Accountant, Fitzpatrick Group

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