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Finding the right bookkeeper for my business

Written by Sachin Singh • Bookkeeping Manager
Published on 24 Sep 2018

Bookkeepers play a pivotal role in assisting you with running your business. Regardless as to whether your bookkeeper is in-house or outsourced, it is important that you find a bookkeeper that is right for your business.


So what is the key to finding the right bookkeeper for your business?

Find a bookkeeper that integrates with your existing software setup seamlessly
This may sound like common sense – but it’s a good idea to find and choose a bookkeeper who has experience with your accounting software of choice. Many bookkeepers advertise their prowess with software like Quickbooks, MYOB, and Xero – but don’t have the certifications to back it up.

it’s a good idea to find and choose a bookkeeper who has experience with your accounting software of choice



Find a bookkeeper that understands how your business works

An exceptional bookkeeper will display interest in understanding your business. Understanding the quirks of your business will allow the bookkeeper to establish efficient processes that flow seamlessly with your business operations. How does a bookkeeper do this?

They ask all the right questions.

The best bookkeepers may even go one step further by providing you with better ways to utilise the software you are already using or suggesting an alternative or addition that improves your business.

Find a bookkeeper who is tech savvy
We don’t just mean “a bookkeeper who understands bookkeeping software”, we mean someone who has a great understanding of software and technology in and outside of the bookkeeping world. Your bookkeeper should be able to provide advice on software and tech solutions that will improve your workflow and business operations as well as your ability to effectively communicate with them, your team, and your clients!

It’s not enough these days to just have a bookkeeper who knows how to manage your books. Business owners are looking for more than that, and the best bookkeepers are honing their skills and broadening their knowledge to meet this demand.


Focus on exceptional communication

The health of most active relationships can often be measured by the strength of communication. If you are working with your bookkeeper consistently to ensure that they have all the tools, files and information necessary to complete their job – guess what? – they will do their job, and they will do it well.

Inversely, poor communication will yield poor quality results.

The more you communicate the more you will get out of your bookkeeper. It honestly means nothing if you’ve hired the best bookkeeper around – if you don’t talk, it simply will not work.

If you aren’t sure how to communicate with your bookkeeper effectively, the fix is as simple as asking how they would like communication to work. Most bookkeepers will have a specific schedule that they operate on to ensure efficient and effective results. It’s as simple as asking the question.


Poor communication will yield poor quality results.

Stop under-utilising your bookkeeper
I’m serious. Bookkeepers shouldn’t just push paper (none should really!) they should also provide you with sound advice that will improve your business. Bookkeepers should bring a unique skill set as well as industry experience that can be utilised to improve your business’s financial situation.

Another thing – please read the reports they send you! Those reports do you no good being filed away. After all, you are hiring them to give you a better understanding of where your business sits financially.

Once you’ve gone through the reports, ask yourself, “what does this teach me about my business?”. If you are finding it difficult to understand or interpret the reports, ask your bookkeeper questions about it.


I have a bookkeeper, but I think it’s not working out

Sometimes work relationships just don’t work. The main problem we identify in Business Owner / Bookkeeper relationships is a lack of industry experience on the Bookkeepers part.

They could be an absolutely brilliant bookkeeper for blue-collar businesses, but struggle when dealing with professional services clients.

Bookkeepers with experience in your industry understand unique quirks that may be missed by other bookkeepers.

At Fitzpatrick Group, I specialise in providing bookkeeping for professional services, construction workers, trades and more.

Selecting the right bookkeeper will provide you with prompt system set up to get your business running silky smooth. Choosing the wrong bookkeeper could mean messed up books – meaning more work and more frustration for the next bookkeeper and you!

Teamwork makes the dream work
It’s a cliche, but I know it’s oh so true when it comes to getting results from your bookkeeper.

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Sachin is the go-to guy for all things bookkeeping and has extensive knowledge and experience with Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks. He prides himself on being agile and client focused – providing exceptional solutions for clients bookkeeping and business affairs.
Authour \u2022 Sachin Singh

Bookkeeping Manager, Fitzpatrick Group

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