Do I need a business plan? It is quite straightforward. All you need to do is ask yourself the question.

There are no exceptions or defendable excuses. All businesses need a business plan that is regularly reviewed, whether you are starting a new business or growing your business.


What is a business plan?

It’s like a blueprint, it should illustrate your business’s mission, vision, goals, and strategies to achieve those goals. It should be smart, concise, measurable and easily communicated.

It can be used in various situations:

What should a good business plan include?


1. Executive Summary

2. Business background

3. Businesses directional pull


4. Market research

5. Marketing plan

6. Operations and production


7. Financial analysis

8. Implementation timetable

9. Supporting documentation


Business Plan Financial Support

Gaining financial support for a business start-up i.e. investors

Business Plan Financial Support

Applying for financial support for a new business venture i.e. loans or grants

Direction using a Business Plan

Giving a business direction, an outlook for the future.

Who can help me put together a realistic and successful business plan?

There have been many books that have been written about how to effectively plan and create a business plan. You can also find hundreds of blog posts, templates, and articles on the Internet. Although these can be helpful, it is hard to navigate through all the information and accurately apply it to your business. Every business is different and requires a unique business plan tailored to them.

Why is it so important that I get my business plan right?

It’s so much more than the write up of a document. Fitzpatrick Group will help you define and align your business and personal goals by creating a clear picture of where you are, where you want to go and how you can get there.

How does Fitzpatrick Group go about creating a business plan for me?

Initial Consult

We find out what you and your business are about.


We conduct a business appraisal to understand how we can maximise your business and establish key performance indicators.


We produce a snapshot of your financials and a tailored plan of action to be carried out within your business.

Support and Accountability

We then work with you on an ongoing basis – as little or as much as you need – to develop, implement and measure the success of your plan.


We delve into your business’s history, goals, objectives, products/services, staffing, competition, and financials to create effective strategies..

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Want to know more about creating a business plan?

Rick Fitzpatrick – Director

Rick is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and Qualified Business Coach. Rick has more than 30 years experience in accounting and business. Click here to view more about Rick