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How to: Building empathy to better serve your clients

Written by Fitzpatrick Group • Client Services Officer
Published on 20 Jun 2019

One thing is common in all long-lasting business relationships, empathy, and it is absolutely crucial to building a solid rapport with your clients. Empathy is a link that remains strong through both positive and negative experiences. If you can demonstrate empathy for your clients and their experience, you are already one step ahead of your competition.

How do you build empathy for your clients though? Continue reading our How to: Building empathy to better serve your client’s blog to learn exactly how you can do this in your business.


1. What is empathy?

Cognitive empathy: The ability to really understand another person’s perspective and mindset.

Emotional empathy: The ability to use emotion responding to a person’s emotional state or their actions.
Cognitive and emotional empathy are two types of empathy relevant to a business setting.


2. Why is empathy important?

This allows the client to feel heard, respected and satisfied, even if the experience has been negative for them. This is necessary to achieve great customer service and communication.
Empathy is important to create long-term clients, improve relationships with all clients and at the same time prevents any negative situations.


3. Ways to achieve empathy

Allow the client to explain the whole situation, don’t interrupt. Be respectful of their situation, try putting yourself exactly where they are and try to understand how they’re feeling. Make their issue your issue and do your absolute best to achieve the outcome that they need, keep them in the loop with everything going on. Smiling and having respect toward everyone regardless of how stressful the situation is, making sure to treat the client exactly how you like to be treated when you’re the client.


4. Examples of empathy

A. Helping a blind person cross the street.

B. Helping a client complete something they’re stuck on – going out of your way to make it as easy for them as you can.

Issue: Documents being issued/sent to clients via myGov, the client not receiving it and missing out on some important information.

Empathy: understanding their issue, allow the client to explain the entire situation.

Resolution: Providing them with the letter or document that was sent via myGov, assisting with it further if need be, i.e. changing their details for them.

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