Brand Identity

Creating brands you love.

Our mission

We don’t want anyone to leave us without being 100% happy with their Brand Identity. We take time to care about what you want to see from your brand. Fitzpatrick Group will work hard to future proof your logo, allowing you to remain contemporary and relevant in a world that’s dominated by subtle understated design.

Why is Branding Important?

When it comes to your branding, consistency is key. With a branding package it is easy to distribute to all your staff, create template documents, and share with any marketing people you have creating for your business.

Why Fitzpatrick Group?

We¬†will enable you to co-develop a brand that meets your creative vision, of course if you aren’t sure of exactly what you are looking for we are happy to meet and discuss your brand identity.

Social Media Package

$150 +GST

Make an impression on your social media platforms with a branded social media kit. Receive customised branded Cover pages for the set up of your Facebook Company Page, LinkedIn and Google Plus Business Page along with the correct image size of your logo for your company profile on each of these platforms.

Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube covers and profile pictures can be added to your package at an extra cost.

Brand Redesign

$899 +GST

It’s almost impossible to have a thriving and growing business without a solid brand as a foundation. Many small business owners are starting to realise just how important it is to have a brand identity that matches their work culture, and exudes their business services or products.


When first impressions matter more than ever, it’s crucial that you make sure to work around this reality.

Logo Design

We work with you to create the face of your company. Your logo is the first thing that your clients, and any potential prospects will associate with your business. Often it’s used as a measure of your companies services and products, especially in our modern world where time is such a valuable commodity.

We sit with you and run through the values and culture behind your company, and use this to help craft a logo that matches what you want your business to be, and what you want your clients to see.


Creating consistency is the best way to establish a solid brand identity. One of the major blocks of brand consistency is your font choice, and how you display your fonts. We will help you decide on the best font combinations to be used by your business. This choice will be used across all your marketing and advertisement collateral.


Photograpic Style/Tone

Another important aspect of branding is your photographic style, or “tone”. Whether you are using your own photography, buying photo’s, or using free stock images, having a photographic style will help you pick photos that match the guidelines outlined by your photographic style.

A consistent brand is a strong brand.



Fitzpatrick Group have been working with some select local printers for many years now. We trust their quality and know that you will be happy with the results that they provide. We handle all correspondence with our trusted printers so you have time to stick to your business.


Branded Email Signature

Having a your email signature match your brand makes you look that much more professional. You will be spending countless hours of your working year in your emails. We make sure that you get something out of that time for your business identity by branding your email signature.

Letter Head

We work with you to create and organise letterhead that matchs your business tone and suits your working needs. Adding branding to your stationary personalises it, and definitely won’t go unnoticed by those who see it.