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Apps, Phone Safety and Data Security

Written by Sachin Singh • Bookkeeping Manager
Published on 22 Mar 2019

Everyone wants to have new phones, but have you thought about what you should be doing with your old phones. Many people hand over their phone to their kids without clearing the sensitive information and data first.


Phone Safety – Avoid Malicious Applications

Installing and trying out new applications on your phone can be fun, but are you checking the apps privacy settings in terms of the data being transmitted? While Apple and Google actively monitor the type of apps that are uploaded to their respective marketplaces, occasionally, malicious apps make it through. These apps may collect your credentials, personal information, financial details, credit card information or online banking details and access. 


Data Security – Research and Review

Taking time to review and question the level of access certain apps are asking for can help you to avoid accidentally downloading malicious applications. If you do find an app that looks suspect, it is worth Googling the developer and the application in question to see if you can get any third party feedback. A little bit of research goes a long way.


Smartphones in the Workplace

Cloud technology offers business owners the opportunity to provide their workers with remote access to their business files through 2 Step Authentication or Multi-Factor Authentication. Smartphones allows access to business emails, contacts and client information.

The smartphone is part of everyone’s daily lives. We use it for personal messages and calls, social networking, internet browsing, e-health tracking or accessing entertainment at various locations inside and outside our homes.


Minimising Risks

Everyone knows the benefits of smartphones and how beneficial and critical it has become in our daily lives. While we are enjoying the benefits, many times we overlook the risks and steps we should be taking.

Here are a few tips to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to minimise the risks:

  • Always ensure that you have configured automated locking after some minutes on your smartphone
  • Before installing or using new apps on your smartphone, check the reputation. You should never install any software unless it is from the trusted source
  • Scrutinise all permissions requests when installing apps on your smartphone
  • Reset and clear all the data from your smartphone before disposing or giving away.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication to access confidential data
  • Backup your smartphone periodically

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Author • Sachin Singh

Bookkeeping Manager, Fitzpatrick Group

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