Fitzpatrick Group has been in the business of accounting in Narellan since 2012, but did you know that our history in the industry goes all the way back to 1985, starting out in Campbelltown? Our history is long and celebrated, and we are proud of where we have come from to become the team we are today.
Accounting in Narellan - Fitzpatrick Group 1985 - 2009 Logo
Accounting in Narellan - Fitzpatrick Group 1985 - 2009 Logo

Rick, Bryn, Pauline, Peter, and Ken. Team members who are still with Fitzpatrick Group today!

Rick Fitzpatrick & Co. (1985 – 2009)

Rick Fitzpatrick established Rick Fitzpatrick & Co. in 1985 in the suburbs of South Western Sydney. Rick aimed to provide a service that helped enable small businesses to grow and thrive. He achieved this by developing close relationships with the small businesses he worked with.

His principles of personability, excellence, and a strong code of ethics were passed on and developed in all new team members, creating a unique and enjoyable business culture.



Between 1985 and 2009 we had worked from several offices within Campbelltown, moving between offices on Queen Street, King Street, and Iolanthe Street.



From 1985 – 2009, Rick Fitzpatrick & Co recruited several key team members who have helped shape the Fitzpatrick Group of 2018. The team as of 2007 consisted of two admin members and six accountants.

In the year 2000, Bryn Robinson was recruited as an Accountant to help with the growing volume of business clients. Pauline Campbell who had been doing some admin work previously, went off to focus on obtain her Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and re-joined the team as an accountant in 2007.

Today Bryn Robinson is a Director in the business and acts as the General Manager of Fitzpatrick Group. Her progressive, forward-thinking attitude has helped ensure the team’s ongoing relevance to the industry.

Pauline Campbell is celebrated at Fitzpatrick Group for exceptional work ethic, commitment to the team and relatable nature to her clients.

2002 saw the introduction of Peter Carter to the team, Peter has since proved to be a fantastic asset. He is valued for his ability to develop a strong rapport with both clients and team members and for his extensive audit knowledge.

Ken Bond joined Fitzpatrick Group in 2006 as a Partner after spending 31 years with one of Australia’s biggest banks.

In 2007, Fitzpatrick Group added our Picton Office with Ken Bond appointed as the office manager. Ken is still part of the team in Picton as a Tax Consultant for Fitzpatrick Group.

Accounting in Narellan - Fitzpatrick Group 2009 - 2015 Logo

Fitzpatrick & Associates (2009 – 2012)

In 2009 several new team members joined and a new office location was established.

To reflect the team’s growth and expansion, Rick Fitzpatrick & Co. rebranded to Fitzpatrick & Associates. 


Fitzpatrick Group established a permanent office within Campbelltown at Hyde Parade within Park Central, a fresh new block of office suites built to support Campbelltown’s growing business scene in 2009.

In 2012 due to increasing growth, Narellan office was established on Somerset Avenue. This office quickly became the head office of the business.



In 2012, Fitzpatrick Group acquired the services of a Senior Business Manager to ensure timely delivery of our short and long-term goals. The team also added a Marketing Manager to further develop the brand and extend the growth of the business.

Accounting in Narellan - Fitzpatrick Group 2015 - Logo
Accounting in Narellan - Fitzpatrick Group 2009 - 2015 Logo

Chantelle Warner joined Fitzpatrick Group in 2014 and is still a valued team member today.

Accounting in Narellan - Fitzpatrick Group 2015 - Logo

Shaun and Melissa joined Fitzpatrick Group in 2016

Accounting in Narellan - Fitzpatrick Group 2015 - Logo

In 2017 Frankie and Dana joined Fitzpatrick Group.

Accounting in Narellan - Fitzpatrick Group 2015 - Logo

Isabella and Michael joined the Fitzpatrick Group team in 2018

Fitzpatrick Group (2012 -)

In 2012, Fitzpatrick & Associates again rebranded to more closely align itself with the extended range of services it was and still is providing. Fitzpatrick Group was born and launched a brand new website providing up to date news and information relevant to business, as well as the ability to book an appointment with Fitzpatrick Group.

Team numbers grew for 8 to 16 between the years of 2012 and now. This growth has included accounting and bookkeeping managers to further ensure that the level of service we were providing to our clients was of the highest quality.



In the past year, Fitzpatrick Group has expanded to two additional locations. In 2017 we acquired an office space at Surry Hills and opened up availability to meet out of area clients at Sydney Olympic Park.

Our current office locations are listed below:

  • Narellan: Suite 7, 1 Somerset Avenue
  • Picton: Suite 2, 95 Cliffe Street
  • Surry Hills: Suite 415, Level 4, 410 Elizabeth Street
  • Olympic Park: 7 Australia Ave

In 2014, Chantelle Warner joined Fitzpatrick & Associates as a receptionist. She has since transitioned to the team’s primary Business Manager, having also completed an Accounting Fundamentals Course during this time. Chantelle’s management and coordination skills are a fundamental asset to the team’s success.

In 2016, Shaun da Silva and Melissa Zaniol were brought on board.

Shaun was recruited as a Marketing Officer with a background in Graphic Design. His sharp design sense has allowed him to provide Fitzpatrick Group with a wide array of marketing collateral, further strengthening their brand.

Melissa was brought on as an Administration Officer. Her 15+ years of experience in administration have made her a crucial asset to the team where she processes payroll, manages the trust account and assists our business manager with general administration duties.

In 2017, we welcomed Frankie Buller and Dana Kargar.

Frankie Buller accepted the role of Client Services Manager. Her personable nature has resulted in several client feedback reviews coming through with nothing but good things to say about her service and expertise.

Dana Kargar joined Fitzpatrick Group as an Accountant, with a commercial accounting background and fresh off receiving her Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting). She has since acquired her certification as a Xero Adviser and is currently studying to earn her CPA.

In 2018, Fitzpatrick Group sought the services of an additional two team members.

Isabella Maltese joined as the new face and voice of Fitzpatrick Group in her reception role. Isabella’s demonstrated ability to pick up new business processes and software, as well as her degree in Business Administration have quickly made her an integral part of the team.

Michael Rodriguez is the team’s latest Senior Accountant. His wealth of experience in the industry and knowledge of tax law, financial planning and superannuation compliance has made him a fantastic asset to have on board at Fitzpatrick Group.

Peter Carter

Bryn Robinson


Bryn deals directly with assisting small to medium business clients, whether in early stage or mature, in relation to their Accounting, Taxation, and Business Growth. If you’d like to speak with Bryn about growing your business, contact us

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