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3 key traits that make a bookkeeper great

Written by Fitzpatrick Group • Bookkeeper
Published on 04 May 2019

Many see bookkeepers as the backbone to businesses and communities all around the world, as they are reliable for many important financial matters that are crucial to the ongoing success of countless operations. Whilst having the relevant qualifications, training and experience allow many individuals to gain the title of a bookkeeper, there are several factors that come into play which takes someone from being just an ordinary bookkeeper to an extraordinary one.


1. Effective communication and genuine interest in the client

Firstly, taking the time to genuinely understand each and every one of your clients, and their business, plays a huge part in becoming a great bookkeeper. Each client works differently, has different processes and needs, and should not be grouped together or seen as the same. If every client gets the same treatment and their differences are overlooked, you cannot possibly get the best for them, nor will this allow you to truly establish a relationship you both value.


2. Honest and trustworthy

This leads to another important factor which is trust. There needs to be a huge amount of trust between a bookkeeper and a client in order to work together harmoniously, and both have peace of mind. Financial information is quite private and usually not shared with friends, and sometimes not even with family, therefore, the client needs to feel comfortable and confident for the relationship to work. The bookkeeper also needs assurance that the client is sharing all information with them, so they can get the best result possible.


3. Passion

Lastly, another key element which distinguishes a great bookkeeper from an ordinary one is passion. Passion is a big driver in being great in what you do, as it not only allows you to achieve your best constantly because you enjoy what you are doing, but it ensures work of mediocrity will not be an issue. If you are not satisfied with your role, there is nothing driving you to do your best every day, and therefore, the outcome of your work will not be in the favour of any party involved.


In my experience, these are the 3 key traits that make a bookkeeper great. Becoming a great bookkeeper takes going beyond the job title and genuinely doing the best you can in every aspect of the role. If you are looking for a bookkeeper who loves their job and clients, give me a call to discuss how I can help you.

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